Nerf Arena Blast

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Kid Leaderboard

These kids hold the top 10 positions on the Nerf Arena Blast leaderboard.

  1. Mahmoud_Habeeb
  3. NightHawk
  4. Rissa

Nerf Arena Blast Server Map Rotation

Because you want low latency classic gameplay using the original maps just like back in the day. Our map rotation is fixed to use only the maps included with the original Nerf Arena Blast when it shipped.

Multiplayer Prerequisites

  • Full Copy of Nerf Arena Blast
  • Optional Master Server Fix

Nerf Arena Blast Master Server Fix

The Nerf Arena Blast master server is no longer available, follow these instructions to continue to play online and use the in-game browser.

Gamespy Shutdown

Since the shutdown of GameSpy alot of old Nerf Arena Blast players have been having problems finding servers, there is a very quick solution to this. Open up "nerf.ini" located in your \Nerf\System\ folder and scroll down to find the "UBrowserAll" settings. Then simply copy and paste the following new master servers to this list.