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Digital Jukebox

Digital Jukebox System optimised for the Raspberry Pi. Features tag based playback system with configurable selection system and easy to use web user interface.

  • Access Control
  • Tag Based Queues
  • Web Interface
  • Runs on a Raspbery PI
  • Utilises USB Storage


System Protocol Directory

Directory system based around allowing organisations to list their available services in an easy to search web interface. This system also offers a SOAP API for developers to query.

  • Automated Service Monitoring
  • Supports many protocols
  • Generates downloable lists
  • HTML5 Compatable


Shoutcast Management

A complete Shoutcast DNAS2 Management System, allowing real-time and scheduled playback of media with a rich HTML5 front-end.

  • DNAS2 Compatible
  • Completely automated
  • Programable time slots
  • Bookable time slots
  • Media grouped into "Shows" with "Episodes"
  • User Profile Pages