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Pilot Leaderboard

These pilots hold the top 10 positions on the Flight Simulator leaderboard.

  1. La1649
  2. #kenny
  3. Hamid
  4. My Airline
  5. SVA634
  7. comadante Paulo
  8. PT-REN
  9. Unnamed Pilot
  10. jOsE

Virtual Flight Radar

The server is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our systems which track all flight activity. The image below contains the positions of any currently active pilots connected to our server. The image updates automatically every 60 seconds with the last known position of any tracked flights.

Flight Tracking Radar

Virtual Flight Tracking

Looking for a more interactive way to view and track flights on our server? We maintain two primary Google Earth files with all you need to know about current and previous flight paths. The "Live View" updates every 5 minutes with the latest flight information from all flights currently being tracked. The "Recent" KML file contains all flights tracked in the last 6-12 months, where as the all contains every flight ever tracked.

Multiplayer Prerequisites

You have the choice of three different flight simulator software programs from Microsoft which we have provided links for below. You will also need to ensure that you apply any service packs available for your choice of simulator. Flight Simulator X users will require additonal software which the link is provided for below.

Flight Simulator 2004

Originally release in July 2003 this edition is compatable with our servers. We highly recommend you download the free global terrain mesh from ORBX to enhance your flight experience.

Flight Simulator X Steam Edition

Released in 2014 and featuring steam integration along with many optimisations this gives you the best performance. This version can be used with the FlyInside plugin for native Oculus Rift (VR) support.

Requires FSHostClient (Steam Edition)

Flight Simulator X

Released in 2006 this version features the most highly detailed planes and environments in a simulator for its time, this requires the FSHost Client software to connect and play on our server.

Requires FSHostClient

Flight Simulator

recent server activity

Saturday 1:43pmCptn. willie disconnected
Saturday 1:41pmCptn. willie landed their SAAB340B-WT 2
Saturday 1:41pmQuinn disconnected
Saturday 1:38pmCptn. willie connected
Saturday 1:38pmQuinn Disconnected from Flight Simulator server
Saturday 1:38pmQuinn landed their SAAB340B-WT 2
Saturday 1:36pmQuinn is preparing for departure at MYEF in a SAAB340B-WT 1
Saturday 1:36pmQuinn has landed at MYEF
Saturday 1:32pmCptn. willie is preparing for departure at MYEF in a SAAB340B-WT 2
Saturday 1:32pmCptn. willie landed their SAAB340B-WT 1
Saturday 1:31pmCptn. willie is preparing for departure at MYEF in a Saab 340B Northwest Airlink
Saturday 1:31pmCptn. willie landed their SAAB340B-WT 1
Saturday 1:30pmCptn. willie is preparing for departure at MYEF in a B1900C Frontier
Saturday 1:29pmCptn. willie has landed at MYEF
Saturday 1:27pmNew flight log processed and now available for viewing - FL#4922. Flight Duration 128 Minutes.