This service level agreement (SLA) applies to customers (“You”, “Your”) who hold a current account with any services of NET247 (“NET247”, “Our”) unless an alternate agreement is entered into.

Technical Support

NET247 will provide You with technical support for the setup of your account, access to your services, and other related issues pertaining to service access at no additional charge. NET247 will not provide development related support for web applications, scripts, components or applications.

NET247 endeavors to respond to customers as quickly as possible and meet target response times. Response times can vary and depend on the current support volumes, complexity of the request and the nature of the request. For this reason NET247 makes no guarantees as to the actual response time of an individual issue.

Requesting Support

Customers may lodge support tickets through the helpdesk system on our website or by emailing (all emails are logged into the helpdesk system automatically). We provide live chat during business hours wherever possible. Within business hours phone support is also available. For critical issues outside of business hours please call our helpline and leave a message, a technician will review it and email you back generally within 20 minutes.

Business Hours

  • Ticket support is available with a target response time of 20 minutes
  • Phone support for urgent issues is available during business hours
  • Live chat is available at our discretion during business hours

Non-Business Hours

  • Ticket support is available 24 hours a day with issues responded to between the hours or 5:00am and 11:00pm AEST
  • Direct phone support is not available outside of business hours. However, to reach a technician for a critical issue at any time (24/7/365) call our helpline and leave a message and a technician will be immediately paged and will review your call, work to resolve any reported issues and respond via phone or email.

Service Monitoring

NET247 monitors infrastructure and network services both internally (using software within our network), and externally (provided by a third party company). Any outages or abnormal threshold breaches are reported to on-call technicians 24/7/365.

Our Service

NET247 aims to provide 100% uptime for infrastructure and networking availability. We provide and manage all hardware devices within our network. For details on our uptime guarantee and compensation please see:

Due to the nature of cloud servers (our primary service), NET247 is not responsible for downtime caused by a lack of resources on your VPS. It is up to the customer to ensure that their VPS and selected resources is adequate for its purpose.

NET247 does not provide an automated upgrade facility - customers wanting to add additional resources to their VPSs or Websites at any time can submit an order and it will be processed as soon as possible by our technicians.

Service Status

NET247 will do its best to update its service status page currently located at and linked to from our home page (top right) upon becoming aware of any issue affecting infrastructure or networking.


NET247 will do its best to give adequate warning regarding scheduled maintenance. Where this is not possible due to NET247 reserves the right to carry out urgent maintenance with limited notification should it be deemed necessary to protect or maintain integrity or security of our services.