Mech Combat

Player Leaderboard

These players hold the top 10 positions on the Starsiege leaderboard.

  1. PrivateCpt.Raynor

Server Customisations

We are running standard Starsiege v1004 in WAR Mode. So you will not need to download any addons to play on the server.

Multiplayer Prerequisites

A copy of Starsiege is all you need to get going with the latest patches and master-server fix which is all located in the linked file below. Simply download and extract to C:\

  • Starseige (Full Version, Patched & Ready To Play)

Optional Downloads

If you already have Starsiege you can download these updates/fixes for online play, all files should be extracted into your C:\Dynamix\Starsiege folder while retaining the Zip File directory structure.

A note on the Windows fix, you may need to right click on the Zip file after downloading and then click the "Unblock" button as this file contains a DLL.


recent server activity

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